ATP - Federer Retirement


London, September, 2022






Post Production

Social Strategy

ATP - Federer Retirement

Working with the ATP Tour, we planned a shoot as well as concepted a full social plan and creative output to celebrate the legendary career of Roger Federer as he announced his retirement from tennis. The pieces of content would be used on social as well as broadcast and in the O2 arena at the retirement ceremony at the conclusion of the Laver Cup.

Things we had to consider were: 

  • A tight timeframe of two days to piece together initial concepts and videos
  • Crewing and sourcing staff over a weekend period
  • Maximizing production with a minimal budget
  • Locating, sourcing and organizing decades of b-roll from Roger Federer’s full career

The Output

Working with the ATP Tour, we created a Hero video concept which would be based around an interview with Roger Federer where he “explains” what greatness is with Roger answering the question himself while flashes of his career appear on screen with a strong music bed under it. To execute this, we staffed and sent a crew to the Laver Cup in London to capture the interview with Roger. At the same time, we sourced years worth of b-roll to fill the video with. 

In addition to the Hero video, we came up with a full social output plan we called “Roger Federer Week” in which each day would highlight a particular aspect of Roger’s career. Things such as: on-court, off-court, charity work, personality, beyond tennis, and championship moments all leading back to the question of “what is greatness” the HERO video was anchored by. 

We delivered over 10 pieces of content including:

  • Hero video with social cutdowns
  • Long form version of the Hero piece
  • Stadium Tribute video played in situ at Laver Cup
  • Best Off-Court Moments 
  • Best On-Court Moments 
  • Player Messages to Roger 
  • Celebrity Messages to Roger

This project was put together in two days and then over a week period. The below breaks down the important time frames we were working under.  

  • Two days notice to concept the Hero video 
  • Working around a weekend to source a crew, freelance editors and producer to assist in over 10 pieces of content
  • Five days to edit the Hero video as well as 3 other accompanying videos 
  • Two days to put together a full social output plan to celebrate the lengthy career of Roger Federer

In the end, the Hero edit won the Musicbed Best Piece Award as well as brought Roger to tears during his retirement ceremony.

The Results

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