Holger Rune - Origins


Denmark, 2023


Post Production

Creative Direction



Broadcast Television


ATP Tour - Holger Rune Origins

Partnering with the ATP we created, produced and post produced this episode of their Origins series which focused on Holger Rune. The Origins series aims to go further into the backstories and personalities of tennis stars by following them in their home environment. This shoot involved a crew traveling to Denmark where they then shadowed Holger for two days filming his daily routines along with capturing long form interviews with him and his family and city surrounds. The shoot was done on the ground in Copenhagen where a variety of factors impacted creative and production.

Considerations included:

  • A tight window in which we could shoot Holger, his family, team and wider environment
  • Capturing enough content to create an intimate short form documentary
  • Moving a six person crew around Copenhagen smoothly without intruding on Holger and his day to-day life
  • Maximizing production with a minimal budget

The Output

Through our creative we were able to elevate this episode of the Origin series, crafting the story of Holger Rune into 15+ minute documentary that intimately highlights his personality and his vision for his future. Even with the constraints on time, our crew were able to not only cover his routines but capture additional cinematic shots that added production value and emotion within this origin story. The edit was delivered for both Broadcast and Online with a variety of social assets provided in addition to the hero edit.

  • Developed the new direction for the Origins creative treatment.
  • Collaborated closely with ATP on story and pre-production logistics.
  • Organized the crewing and logistics for a. multi-day shoots within Denmark.
  • Field production of each shoot across crewing, creative and talent management.
  • Handled all aspects of post production as well as social-first edits for social media distribution.
  • Delivered the full documentary for Broadcast and Online.

The Results

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