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Tennis Channel - Specialty Broadcast Teases

SIFT worked with sports broadcaster Tennis Channel on a number of Speciality Teases for a selection of the tournaments they cover across the ATP Tour season.

With the individual events located across a number of cities globally, for 2023 we created nine Speciality Teases that encapsulate the unique feel of each, bringing all nine locations to life. 

Instead of focusing on the tournament grounds itself we cast our creative wider, by using our teases to establish each city, giving the audience an immersive, detailed and exciting view of its individual culture and overall vibe. Each of the nine edits used a combination of day-to-day city scenes, landmarks and aerials juxtaposed against specific event highlights and relevant Tennis Channel archival footage. 

The Output

  • Using our international network, we worked with self shooting freelance directors, across nine locations to bring the creative vision to life. 
  • Defined by an overarching style we used crew, local to each location, to ensure we were capturing the essence of the city from the perspective of those who live there.   
  • We took the new city scenics and a selection of archival footage from each tournament in house and established a consistent editing style to tie each together. 
  • Each edit had a unique animated quote referencing the specific city as well as animated title to establish the location.
  • Teases were first aired on broadcast before play on the first day of the main draw at each tournament. 
  • The GFX also led the broadcast design throughout the entire tournament.
  • The teases were also posted on Tennis Channels social pages.

The Results

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